New Renting Audit Focus Cracking Down on Landlords

In a recent announcement by Consumer Affairs, a new renting audit focus has been unveiled to 'crackdown on dodgy landlords'. The Allan Labour Government is spearheading this initiative to tackle rental providers and property managers engaging in unlawful practices.  

Drawing inspiration from the successful underquoting task force, the new audit focus will be integrated within ConsumerAffairs Victoria (CAV), bolstering its existing services. CAV aims to give more power to the tenant in the ease of the reporting process for potential misconduct, enabling the public to easily submit evidence, such as photos, through its website.

> With an initial investment of $4 million and plans for further expansion, this dedicated audit focus is poised for action.

> The rental audit focus will operate withinConsumer Affairs Victoria (CAV).

> The CAV audit focus will recruit additional intelligence analysts, inspectors, investigators, and lawyers to reinforce its

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