Updated: 1 July 2020

Urgent Repairs

There are multiple reforms listed under Urgent and Non-Urgent Repairs on: https://engage.vic.gov.au/fairersaferhousing 

These reforms are about changes to Victoria’s renting laws.

The meaning of ‘urgent repairs’ has been expanded to include: any work necessary to repair or remedy items relating to the new Minimum Standards and Mandatory Safety Maintenance.

- a failure or breakdown of a cooling appliance or service provided by the rental provider

- a failure or breakdown of any safety related devices, including a smoke alarm or pool fence

- any fault or damage that makes the property unsafe or insecure, including a pest infestation or the presence of mould or damp caused by or related to the building structure.

Detailed reference guide 23: Expanded definition of urgent repairs (Word, 42KB

Renters will also now be required to report damage or breakdown of facilities in the property. 

The aim of this reform is to minimise any reluctance the renter may feel to request a repair that has not previously been documented (for example, in the condition report), and to ensure that RRPs are able to prevent damage to the property that would occur if a repair was unnecessarily delayed. 

Reform information relating to urgent repairs
7 day reimbursement of urgent repairs
Increase to $2,500 reimbursement of urgent repairs
Residential Tenancies Amendment Act Citation relating to deadlocks
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