Updated 9 October 2020

New Legislation

2020 Changes to Renting Laws

The Victorian Parliament passed the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2018, which includes more than 130 reforms.

These reforms are designed to increase protections for renters, while ensuring those who provide rental housing can still effectively manage their properties.The reforms are framed around the reality that a growing proportion of Victorians are priced out of home ownership and likely to, rent for longer periods of time.

The review of the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 aims to ensure that Victoria’s rental sector meets the needs of tenants and landlords, now and into the future.


Latest Announcement: Delayed start due to COVID-19


The start date of the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2018 has been delayed due to coronavirus (COVID-19), with the amendments to be introduced by 29 March 2021, rather than the original 1 July 2020.


Understanding new requirements: Property Compliance & Home safety

New Minimal Requirements For Landlords
When will these changes take place?
What are the penalties for non-compliance?

New Minimal Requirements For Landlords

There is now a list of minimal requirements landlords (RRPs) must ensure they provide in their rental properties. ‘Those who cut corners or who do not prioritise compliance with their obligations will find themselves facing increased monetary penalties and other punitive action.’ (engage.vic.gov.au)


When will these changes take place?

Consumer Affairs Victoria will oversee implementation of the new laws. The full set of changes have not yet come into effect. They will be
introduced progressively as further consultation is required to develop guidelines, with all reforms commencing by 1 July 2020.  
(this has now bee delayed to 1st January 2021 due to COVID19)


The Government is working with REIV and other stakeholders to develop a range of Regulations that sit alongside the Act and make it workable and understandable. Changes to the RTA will be implemented over a period of time.


Why are these changes coming into place?

Why Rental Minimum Standards?
Why Safety-related Maintenance?

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