Smoke Alarm Safety Services

Smoke alarm servicing and compliance assurance

Your legal requirements as per State and Federal Smoke Alarm Legislation: in all states of Australia it is the legal responsibility of all property owners and residential rental provider to install, manage and maintain working smoke alarms.

We provide an all-inclusive service to ensure compliance, including:

  • Comprehensive smoke alarm testing, servicing and replacement when required (smoke alarms have a life-span of 10 years) 
  • Comprehensive smoke alarm compliance report to prove you have met your legal requirements as a residential rental provider 
  • Free replacement of battery smoke alarms that expire or become faulty
  • Free call out for hardwired alarm replacements
  • Unlimited number of visits to each property within a 12 month period and smoke alarms serviced per property
  • Rapid response for urgent jobs knowing your property and tenants are protected with SASS
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