Gas Safety Services

All Victorian investment properties are now required to have ALL gas appliances checked at least every two years by a qualified gas fitter.

Untested gas heaters and appliances can leak deadly carbon monoxide. To ensure your renters and their family members are not at risk, we ensure you meet your new requirement ensuring the regular and thorough testing of all gas appliances.

We service, inspect and test for carbon monoxide leaks on space heaters, wall furnaces, ducted central heaters, gas water heaters, gas stove tops, gas ovens, and decorative log fires throughout Melbourne. Certificates of gas safety will be provided upon completion - these need to be made available to your renters.

Carbon Monoxide is an odourless, colourless gas that when inhaled can be fatal.

Carbon monoxide leaks are caused by gas appliances that:

  • Have not been regularly serviced or maintained
  • Have faulty heading units
  • Have parts in need of repair or replacement
  • Are older style appliances which do not burn all the gas.

Please note: additional costs may be incurred if your heater is deemed dangerous and requires immediate decommissioning.

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